Thursday, October 30, 2014

NEW: L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection

L.A. Girl cosmetics has come out with a new set of eye shadow palettes for the holidays!
Here's what they look like:
Pictured above: Smoky and Neons
The palettes come in four sets of shades: Neons, Smoky, Ultra, and Nudes.
The Nudes look like they could be dupes for the UD Naked 3 palette while the Neons look like they could dupes for the UD Electric palette.  And actually, the way theyy shaped and arranged looks a lot like the Naked palette.  Each even includes a double-ended brush!
Ultra is a nice selection of purples (like, you know, ultraviolet) and smoky is, well, good for creating a smoky eye.

They're only $9 each on L.A. Girls' website here, and orders over $35 get free shipping.  All four are $36 (~_o)

I think I'm gonna order these sometime in the future (I'll probably have to cut down on how many snacks I buy to save up...but then I'll have enough eye shadow for life! (^o,__,o^)

♥ Katia

My iHerb order is here!!

Guess what was waiting on my porch today!!
Actually, never mind, you should know from the title.

The package arrived a little more banged-up than I would like.  This is probably both the faults of iHerb and UPS.  I don't think the "FRAGILE" label did anything. (T▽T)

At least they added a little cushion bag.  It arrived deflated, however.

The toner was kept in a plastic zip bag.  A nice touch, since things can spill during shipment.

And this is everything unpacked!  The toner was in a plastic bag, as shown earlier.  The serums were in their boxes and the lip balm was alone.  Everything made it here okay!  They're all brand-new and the same quality you'd expect if you went to the store and bought it.
Overall, I'm satisfied.  I'll be testing these out over the next few weeks ヽ(^o^)丿

♥ Katia

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

iHERB & more Collective Haul Preview

If you don't want to read my blabbering, skip to the bottom to see the (almost) haul.

I found the iHerb website when looking for a trustworthy site to buy some products from the Andalou Naturals skin care line.  I've only every seen in at Whole Foods, but I really don't want to be screwed over by Whole Foods pricing.  I guess I could order straight from their website, but I still get screwed over.

┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

At first glance, the iHerb website is very... underwhelming.  How do I know this isn't run from some shady guy's basement?

Their videos put my a little more at ease.  Their facility seems rather roomy and legit, which is the opposite of some guy's basement.  Searching for iHerb reviews on reddit, I found that others shared my initial skepticism, but folks who have ordered expressed nothing but satisfaction.  The only way I could find out for myself was to dive right in.

At the time, they had a promotion for free shipping on orders over $20 (or maybe it's a recurring thing? I think it is).  If I order more than $40, I also get 10% off. Combined with a discount referral code I snagged from PBunnieP* and iHerb's discount on the individual items, I got a pretty good deal.  That's probably why I didn't feel too bad about ordering may more than I needed to, haha. (;一_一)

*I youtubed some iHerb reviews, and hers popped up. She's awesome, go check her out!

Me being me, I entered in the wrong card info and I had to go back and edit.  I took off that card, but now I wasn't allowed to add another.  Wait, what? 

So, now I had an order that will be forever stuck in processing mode because I don't have a payment method and have no ability to add one.  Great. 
I canceled that order and filled up my cart again and tried to reorder... but it ended up being almost $20 more expensive for the same items.  Turns out, those discounts are only for first-time customers on their first order, and even though I had canceled my first order, apparently the system doesn't consider me an iHerb virgin who deserves virgin discounts.

Nooooooooooooooooooo0o0o0o0o0oooo (T▽T)

I went on their live chat and the agent was surprisingly helpful, albeit a touch robotic.  Not that I minded, of course.  We all must accept our robot overlords at some point!

The agent told me to place the order, and that he would go back in the system and add my discount back. So, everything's fine and dandy!

Except, my order was queued for processing for like the longest time.  I mean, it was for half a day, but it still felt like a while to me.  Plus, I wanted my stuff to ship before the weekend since I ordered on a Friday.  So, I went back on live chat and bugged another customer service rep, and they approved my order!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy (*´▽`*)

Sadly, it wasn't fast enough for it to ship out before the weekend. Basically, they finished printing the shipping label on Saturday evening.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (*  ̄m ̄)

You know what's worse than that?

My order from Wishtrend is doing to take 3-4 weeks to arrive if I'm lucky. #firstworldproblems
Just kidding, I'm not that spoiled and entitled. I'm grateful I can even afford these things and have food and a warm place to live in... I'm just really excited ~(゜∀゜)~

If you don't know about Wishtrend, it's a Korean website that somehow is able to charge decently for shipping.  They also give you free standard shipping on orders over $69, or you could just add a "free shipping" item that would give your order free shipping regardless of the rest of your order or the total cost.
Without those deals, standard shipping to the US is $10.  I found a free shipping item for $9.99 so I just added that instead ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) It's some random tooth-cleaning wipes for babies, but if it's good enough for babies, I sure as heck can use it when I'm not feeling too fresh.

And you won't like me when I'm not feeling fresh. (●*∩_∩*●)~

Plus, this month's discount code is for a free bar of hair soap (msrp ~$10), so you know I had to jump on that.  This blog will keep you up-to-date on all wishtrend promos and specials going on now, as well as new items being added!

Lastly is an order from Target.  Did you know they came out with an ipsy-style beauty box?!?!?!?!

Walmart has one, too, for $5.  After being screwed over by them in the past, I'm unofficially banning them in the tiny circle of friends, even if they have their own decent-looking beauty box...

Anyway, onto the products!

○ from iHerb-
-Andalou Naturals Revitalizing Serum
-Alba Botanica Lip Balm spf 25
-Andalou Naturals Brightening Turmeric C Serum
-Derma E Soothing Toner
The serums are to replace the more costly Paula's Choice serums (and they're recommended on Beautypedia!) and the toner is to replace Paula's Choice Earth Sourced Toner, which is pretty affordable already.  Well, maybe by Paula's standards.  I just wanted to try new things, ok?  Plus, Whole Foods didn't have a tester for this particular one and I'm curious.

○ from Wishtrend-
-OST Vitamin C Serum.  I've been looking for a cheaper alternative to Paula's Choice Vitamin C Serum (which is amazing btw, but their customer service isn't the best + prices keep going up)
-Klair's Hair Soap. It's free, can't complain.  I'm running out of shampoo, anyway, and I've only had good experiences with Korean shampoos.
-Aisoo Mouth Tissue. Yeah, we went over why this is here (¬‿¬)

○ from Target-
Beauty box containing:
-Elnett Extra Strong Hold Hairspray (2.2 oz)
-Fekkai Professional Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo (1.7 oz)
-Laneige BB Cushion Sample (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (.18 oz)

-L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipstick (.18 fl oz)
The Laneige BB Cushion is something I've been wishing to try for a long, long time.  You can't go through one Michelle Phan video without it being mentioned.  I don't know what I'd do if I liked it, though... probably cry 'cause it's so expensive.  The Nyx Jumbo Eye pencil and L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick are two other makeup items I kind of had an eye on, but couldn'g justify buying on their own.  Lastly, it's hard to go wrong with hair products. Like, really.  Most stuff just washes out, anyway.

If you're interested in these websites, go check them out! I got a deal you can't refuse* ;) just check my discount codes.

*it's ok if you refuse them, too

♥ Katia

┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

Ok. Bye bye!